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    multi-generational family

    House plans: Design for flexibility because your life will change

    You're building your "forever home," but how do you design it so it fits your life today and whatever your life will look like in 20 years?
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    looking at plans

    Building on your land: Seeing your dream on paper

    Once you've invested your deposit, been honest about your budget, and discussed your wish list of features for your forever home, it's time for your builder to start creating a plan. He'll go to the drawing board and come up with a conceptual house plan, a list of features, and a price.
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    house rendering

    House plans: why you should leave it to professionals

    For some people building a custom home, it's tempting to try and take the DIY approach to part of the process in an effort to save money. When it comes to your house plan, though, it's really best to leave it to the professionals.
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    house plans-1

    Cost to build a house on your land: How to get the most bang for the buck

    Thinking about building a custom home? If so, you may be dreaming of all the big and little things you want to have in the house. But then you're also probably thinking about your budget and wondering how to get the most bang for your buck.
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    house plans

    House plans - Not a do-it-yourself item

        Emily came to us with a house plan she created herself. It had everything she had been dreaming about, and now she just needed to find a builder who could build it within her budget. We weren't the first builder she had interviewed, and we weren't the last. I think she kept shopping around because she hadn't yet found a builder who could...
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    reviewing home plans

    Building a custom house: Don't worry if it isn't perfect

    Here's a secret about the custom home industry that many people don't realize: No house is going to be perfect. Yes, you read that right. It doesn't matter how experienced your home builder is, even the most experienced builders won't build a perfect house. Here's why. By definition, a custom home on your land is one of a kind, just like you....
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    Teen girl in bedroom

    House plans: Creating the teen retreat

    Many of the clients we work with to build a custom home have teenagers, which often results in specific design requests. Sometimes that means extra bathrooms, sometimes it means teenager bedrooms with some privacy, and sometimes it means space for friends to hang out. One family we worked with had a teenager who was the oldest of three kids,...
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    Gun safe keypad

    House plans: Build a space for the gun safe

    For families with guns in their home, a gun safe is a necessary safety component to include in the home. But they're big, heavy, and awkward. Plus, you generally want your gun safe to be hidden. So where do you put it? One client of ours had lived in several houses before building their custom home. In one home, they wanted to put the gun safe...
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    Muddy dog

    House plans: Most innovative feature for muddy dogs and kids

    In the second part of our series on coolest home design ideas suggested by our clients, we're going to talk about muddy dogs and kids. For many of our clients, building a custom home on their land provides an opportunity to create both indoor and outdoor living spaces for the entire family. And that includes the four-legged family members. But...
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    family unloading groceries

    House plans: Best ideas for big families

    Over the many years I've been working in custom home construction, I've met some pretty cool families that had amazing ideas for design features in their homes. The next few articles are going to highlight specific house plan ideas and features that came from our clients.
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