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    Building on your land: Building codes and inspectors

    I recently heard a gentleman who was acting as his own builder say something that gave me pause. He said the company he hired to help him be his own builder told him the city or county building inspector is his quality control department.
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    thinking about future

    Building a custom home on your land: Five reasons NOT to build

    Building a custom home is not for everyone. I know, a builder shouldn't say such things, right? But from a builder's perspective, there are certain clients whom we've learned should never have taken on the challenge of building a custom home. It was not the best investment of their valuable time and treasure, and it's important to realize that...
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    house and piggy bank

    Cost to build a house: When NOT to hide your budget

    If you're buying a used car or used house or bidding at an auction, it's probably smart to keep your cards close to your vest and not reveal your budget. That's just good negotiating strategy when dealing with a transactional-style seller.
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    House plans: Think about scale

    You found a house plan that looks great online. It has an attractive exterior and the right number and kind of rooms. The overall size is actually a bit smaller than what you had envisioned, so it should be well within your budget to build.
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    hidden costs

    Hidden Costs of Hiring a Low-Price Home Builder

    You have a house plan you've fallen in love with. You own your land. You're ready to find a builder and start building your dream home. Problem is, you've been to every reputable builder you can find, and every one of them has said the cost to build that home is outside your budget.
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    Where You Shouldn't Cut to Save Money on Your Custom Home

    When building a custom home on your land, it can be tempting to try to save money on things that seem like simple items or commodities. Some of those things are indeed commodities (like wall studs), but some are critical even if they seem simple or unimportant. 
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    light fixtures

    Cost to Build a House: Spend your Money Where It Shows

    Everybody wants to get the most house for their money. One of the best (and least utilized) techniques to do that is pretty simple, and that's probably why it gets overlooked.
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    cutting money in half

    Cost to Build a House: Cut the Cost of Slab and Roof in Half

    With overall inflation and changes in materials, the cost to build a home is always increasing. Two major cost components in a house are concrete and roofing materials such as shingles. 
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    truss framing

    Roof Trusses vs. Stick Framing

    Which is the better way to frame a house—trusses or stick frame? Well, that depends. 
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    Mature couple meeting architect for construction project

    House Plans and Cost to Build: How Size Affects Cost per Square Foot

    There's a simple principle in homebuilding: All things being equal (location, finishes, features), a bigger house will have a lower cost per square foot than a smaller one. Why is that? The answer to that question will help you shop for the right house plan and the right builder, and maybe more importantly, help keep you from making a bad...
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