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    Building on your land: Seeing your dream on paper

    Once you've invested your deposit, been honest about your budget, and discussed your wish list of features for your forever home, it's time for your builder to start creating a plan. He'll go to the drawing board and come up with a conceptual house plan, a list of features, and a price.
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    Building on your land: Committing to a builder before you know all the details

    When you're building on your land, you want to find the right builder for you. And in most cases, builders require a deposit before they'll even quote you a price. That's because giving you a price on a custom home requires a fair bit of work.
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    loan approval meeting

    Construction loan: Revealing your private financial details to a complete stranger

    To build a custom home, you start with a construction loan. First you need to pick a bank that has experience in construction loans. You may have a favorite bank, but if they don't have a lot of experience with construction loans, we highly recommend finding one that does. It's not as straightforward as a conventional mortgage loan, and you...
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    squeezing the budget

    Build on your land: Getting honest about your budget

    The budget is a really critical part of building on your land. As we've said before, most people's dream for what their forever home will look like typically exceeds their budget. So there are always compromises to be made, but first you and your builder need to know what your budget actually is.
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    new house budget

    Cost to build a house: How NOT to negotiate with your builder

    We recently talked to a nice couple who wanted to build a custom home unique to their specific needs. They gave us a budget that was probably $40,000 to $50,000 shy of what it would take to build the house they wanted.
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    open dining room

    Cost to build a house: How to get creative to keep the cost down

    Without fail, every potential client we talk to wants more house than they can afford. That's human nature, and there's nothing wrong with it. There's also nothing wrong with working hard to get the most house for your money.
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    Finding the best builder: The dirty little secret of home building

    Here's a secret most builders in Oklahoma won't tell you: none of the builders in our state are big enough to keep their subcontractors busy 100% of the time. Building a custom home requires a lot of subcontractors, and even builders who have multiple houses going at once won't need a plumber or a cabinet maker or an electrician every single...
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    building contract

    Cost to build a home: Getting trapped by what you want to hear

    In the custom home building process, it's easy to fall into a trap of hearing what you want to hear. We've seen it happen to unsuspecting buyers so many times.
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    trim carpenter

    Building a house on your land: Which builder has the best subcontractors?

    When researching builders to make your custom home dream a reality, you may be wondering which builder has the best subcontractors. The short answer: They all do. That's not what makes the difference between builders.
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    costs increasing

    Cost to build a house on your land: It keeps going up

    If you've been thinking about building a house on your land, now is the time. Like many things in life, the cost to build a house keeps going up. Why? Because there are lots of factors involved in the cost to build a house. Everything from global commodities to the cost of local labor has an impact on the house you build.
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