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    Building on your land: top three gotchas in covenants and restrictions

    Most neighborhoods have covenants and restrictions. In most cases, it's a way for the land developer to maintain some control over what's built until they've sold all of the lots. The rules keep someone from building something that devalues the neighborhood.
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    Building on your land: the last available lot

    For many people, part of building a custom home is finding the right place to build. Perhaps you've been searching for a while and you're getting a little frustrated with the process. But then you find a great deal on the last available lot in a particular area. Lucky you! Or maybe not.
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    Build on your land - Don't let a builder ruin your land

        Building a house is a complex task, and there are many builders capable of doing a good job on that task. Developing land is another thing, and it's not a skill that every builder possesses. Honestly, it's not a skill the vast majority of builders possess. But more and more builders are advertising that they will build on your land...
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    Buying land to build a house - Don't miss your chance

        When it comes to buying land to build a custom home, there are a lot of factors to consider: location, access, cost to clear the land, cost to run utilities, and so much more. And finding land can be much harder than finding a house for sale, because land isn't always listed for sale in the same ways. So when you find the right land, you...
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    Cost to Build a House: How much does it cost to bring electricity to the land you're going to build on?

    Building a new house on your own land brings many challenges you don't face if you build in a subdivision. Of course, one of the main advantages of being on your land is that you're not 10 feet from your neighbor. But, that also means the electric company might not have had a need to provide electricity to your land before, so you'll have to...
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    Cost to build a house on your land:  Top 3 costs of clearing land

    There are lots of things to think about when clearing land to build a house. From drainage to soil to septic system placement, the number of considerations can be overwhelming. From the hundreds of houses I've built, these are the top three mostly costly things we encounter when getting land ready for a new house.
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    Home on open land

    Looking for land in all the right places

    Unless you have already purchased your land or are building on family land, it can be challenging to find the right land for building your home. With so many options and budget variables, there are a few things to look at to make the process less of a burden.
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    Negotiating a land purchase

    You’ve found that perfect piece of land for your forever home, and now it’s time to negotiate the purchase with the seller. Trouble is, the land is priced well above market value. How do you negotiate the price down to market value?
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    Buying land in a flood plain

    So the land you’re looking at for your forever home is in a flood plain… does that mean there’s no way to build your home on it? Does that make the land worthless? Not necessarily.
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    Where to put your new home on your land

    There are several considerations to keep in mind when planning where to build your new home on that dream piece of property you own. There’s one big thing to keep in mind, along with a few pitfalls to watch out for, as you start planning.
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