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    Plumber installing sink

    Building on my land - Will contractor mistakes make my house cost more?

        Everyone, contractors especially, make mistakes while building a home on your land. Sometimes it's due to poor communication, other times poor documentation is to blame, and other times it's just simple human error. But when mistakes happen, who pays for them? That generally depends on the type of contract you have in place with your...
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    garden shed

    Building a shop on your land - What to watch out for

        Sometimes a shop building is a nice thing to have, whether you plan to use it for storing lawn equipment, vehicle maintenance, as a garden shed, or for any other hobby or practical purpose. Whether you're building just a shop, or building a shop while building a home on your land, it's important to do it right! Here are a few tips for...
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    Countdown to new house

    How long does it take to build a house?

      When it comes to building a custom home, every client wants to know how long it takes to build a house. You may be thinking about when to put your current house on the market or trying to line up temporary housing while building the new home. Or you may just want to know when you can move in to your dream home. Generally, six to eight months...
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    house plans

    House plans - Not a do-it-yourself item

        Emily came to us with a house plan she created herself. It had everything she had been dreaming about, and now she just needed to find a builder who could build it within her budget. We weren't the first builder she had interviewed, and we weren't the last. I think she kept shopping around because she hadn't yet found a builder who could...
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    land for sale

    Buying land to build a house - Don't miss your chance

        When it comes to buying land to build a custom home, there are a lot of factors to consider: location, access, cost to clear the land, cost to run utilities, and so much more. And finding land can be much harder than finding a house for sale, because land isn't always listed for sale in the same ways. So when you find the right land, you...
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    Dreaming of home

    Build on your land - Why more builders are saying they do it now

      Any competent builder can build a good house, but building the house is only about half the process. More and more companies are saying they can build on your land, but is that really true? Do they have the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of building on raw land? Builders who are accustomed to building in pre-defined...
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    reviewing home plans

    Building a custom house: Don't worry if it isn't perfect

    Here's a secret about the custom home industry that many people don't realize: No house is going to be perfect. Yes, you read that right. It doesn't matter how experienced your home builder is, even the most experienced builders won't build a perfect house. Here's why. By definition, a custom home on your land is one of a kind, just like you....
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    skeptical woman with contract

    Builder contracts: Don't get stuck with a builder you don’t like

    Today I'm going to tell you a story about Mike and Jan. Their names have been changed, but the story details are true. They signed a contract with a builder and made a $7,500 deposit based on the builder's promise that he could build the house they dreamed of within their budget. But when it came time to create the house plan, the builder...
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    House plan options

    Cost per square foot for new homes: Can I shrink a house plan to make it less expensive?

    Early in the process of building a custom home, many people will look around online at a range of house plans to start getting some ideas of what they want. That's a good thing, really, because it helps define your priorities so you can discuss them with your builder during the actual design process. But all too often, someone falls in love...
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    luxury bathroom

    Builder-grade materials: Why does a builder use a certain brand of materials?

    I hear the term "builder-grade materials" a lot, but it's not an industry term. There's no official definition for it. When I hear someone say it, they usually mean it in a negative way. They're saying that builder-grade materials are the cheapest and poorest quality possible and are usually lower quality than materials available to the general...
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